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Minutes of the

Bed and Breakfast Association of the Brazos Valley

Meeting of October 26, 2011


The October, 2011 meeting of BBABV was held at KELUMAC Christmas Tree Farm Bed and Breakfast.  Walt Qualls thanked Keith and Lou McDaniels, owners of KELUMAC, for hosting the meeting.  He then introduced the guest speakers for the evening, Scott Joslove, President and CEO and Robin Clinker of The Texas Hotel and Lodging Association.  After the introductions attendees enjoyed a great meal of a variety of food and desserts provided by the hosts and members. 

Mr. Joslove began his presentation with background information on himself and his association.  He was an attorney by profession and has been a lobbyist for over 20 years.  The organization is a non-profit with approximately 2,600 members, large and small, with a goal of promoting tourism in Texas and for the well being of the hotel industry.

 He said that the state legislature had asked the Association to promote tourism to increase state revenues to help offset deficits in overall state programs.  The Association had received original  funding of $30mil from the state and had provided a return of 7 to 1 on the funding.  The state still wanted to reduce the funding to $1.5mil.  The Association continued to present its case and was approved as a “no cost” funding recipient and approved to receive $60.0mil.

 The Association not only promotes tourism but also lobbies against bills not considered favorable to the hotel industry.  Proposed legislation that has been defeated included one for increasing the hotel tax and one for increases on hotel property taxes.  Scott answered a number of questions from attendees relative to specific needs.

 An election was conducted to elect officers for the 2012 year.  The current office holders were all reelected:  Walt Qualls-President, Susan Olson-Vice President, Marie Young-Website Administrator, Dan Harris-Treasurer, and Ed Seale-Recording Secretary.  Lisa Ketchum made the motion to accept the current holders and Dwayne Fuller seconded the motion.

 A motion was approved to reimburse Marie Young for approximately $350 to buy a new laptop computer which will be a dedicated computer for BBABV and will be the property of BBABV.  The reimbursement is contingent upon the Treasurer assuring that funds are available for the reimbursement and to cover expenses for the rest of the year.

 The meeting adjourned at 9:20.

 Ed Seale